Investing in high quality repainting is always worth it: the perfect external effect adds value to your project. Logically, the process of painting of vintage car is complicated and full of nuances, evaluated the best with the experience and craftsmanship. 

At the Oldtimercentrum, we have years of experience and professional approach to the paint job. Car body painting takes place in our workshop. No work is subcontracted. We take care of the quality of our work from the beginning to the end and care about the best outcome. We are proud to have our own Italian made SAICO spray booth onsite. Our clients look for the sensational effect and we are glad to provide it. 

The specialized team of our painters has long-term experience of working with vintage cars solely. We make a paint coating package according to the customer’s order and in consultation with the clients’ wish. After the assembly of the painted body, it also gets full protection against corrosion.