We are distinguished by the team of outstanding professionals, who have been carrying out this work in our company successfully for a dozen years and always receive good feedback from our clients. For sure, we are able to rebuild any car body to its original condition. We restore sheet metal, aluminum and plastic panels and use the latest best brand tools for sheet metal work. The sheets are welded or welded in TIG technology in an argon shield. We deal with comprehensive reconstruction of the car body original parts, as well as with the parts especially produced by us in our workshop, in case it is required by the present stage of project. Before any repair of a corroded body is performed, it is sandblasted or soda-blasted. At the customer’s request, it can also be galvanized or cataphoresed. 

We thoroughly follow all the steps to repair the damaged element to the perfect condition. The cycle of the perfect bodywork process for vintage cars is: assessing the element, defining the condition of damage, creating the proper plan of repairing, which depends on severity and condition of impact, grinding, reshaping the metal element to the proper stage and thoroughful sanding, until its perfectly smooth and even allover the body.