We can help you with evaluation of the car you plan to buy or already possess.

The current market environment is shaped by the persistently low interest rates. Basing on this I could foresee that private investors and sometimes professionals from investment services, will search for new investment opportunities with above-average returns. Historically investing in classic cars had emotional color as a priority, and was considered an exotic asset class. However, in the last 10 years investing in classic cars significantly improved its position in the traditional wealth management and we can conclude that today classic cars represent a separate asset class.

In terms of the performance, there are special features of this asset class to be considered, which are not typical for other types of investment (may slightly correspond with art and antiques).

How much is your Oldtimer car worth?

As in all markets, supply and demand determine the price. And the shorter is supply, the better is future for our investment. Choice of investment object requires attention to the rarity of a vehicle. Extremely rare vehicles are considered those, which have been produced only in small series or even as individual pieces. We can expect outstanding increases in value, but the highly limited supply of spare parts should also be considered.

The next factor of investment performance is the condition of the vehicle. Naturally, by careful and professional restoring, significant value increases can be expected. This is a decisive unique feature of this asset class and a lot depends on the restoration service and quality. No other type of investment can promise such an increase in value.

Another significant factor is history and origin of the object. It can significantly add value to a vehicle. The value-adding performance of can be influenced by the use of the objects in movies as well as by ownership of famous persons. Furthermore, the so-called racing history plays an important role in the value-adding potential. For example, cars that are used in motorsport events, races are particularly expensive.

It’s important for any collector and owner to calculate the estimation and understand the value progress, if you are planning to buy or sell your vintage car. We understand that it is a serious decision and handle your project estimation with the due care and experience. Being in the biz for more than 20 years, we are happy to share our vision with you and to support you in your decisions.

With no doubt, investing in classic cars provides a specific visual-aesthetic level of perception. In the owning and using of the classic car, enjoyment can be reached by all senses,  and individual emotional return can therefore play a central role in the investment decision.

We can conclude that the group of investors who have no technical expertise grows. The reasons for this is consequent broadening of interests of buyers, as well as the desire to diversify investments and to explore various asset classes. In addition to the pure emotional outcome and the influence, clearly tax benefits arise from the direct investment in classic cars, depending on the individual residence status and position. In some countries, the possibility of tax-free profits from private sale transactions is normal. Also regular investment into maintenance and restoration process can influence the tax status of individual.

We can conclude, that direct investment into classic car ownership and renovation can subsequently lead to a tax optimization for the overall portfolio of private investors in Europe.

A vintage car market value typically is determined the best by understanding the trends of the market. We follow current asking prices and always try to foresee the trend for the alternative investments. Generally, for vintage cars, 70% of classic and antique cars are traded via private sales, 20% of sales take place at auctions auctions and the rest goes through dealerships.

If you plan to renovate a vintage car for the purpose of immediate sale or long-term investment, we will provide evaluation of costs of work, parts and final result of renovation, as precise as possible. We also can suggest the time necessary for the renovation process.

As well we can suggest you the right moment or right venue to sell your project.

You are welcome to discuss your future project with us and to share your dream, which we will be happy to help you to realize.

Even with the recently foreseen rising interest rates as a possible option, the question of alternative investment into classic car restoration and ownership will continue. We are aware, that currently we represent a strong alternative investment opportunity both for wealth management entities and private investors. We are able to instruct the investor absolutely professionally to avoid a highly emotional investment, as well as we are able to support the restoration project during the full cycle of renovation and further disposition on the market, if necessary. The ownership traditionally brings our investors a lot of pleasure and, at a later stage, a sales profit after deduction of all costs and straightening of the tax situation. We feel very natural on this market for 20 years already and can avoid emotional intensity. Clearly, to be able to successfully accompany an investment in classic cars as a professional, expert financial and technical knowledge is required. This is how we cooperate with the wealth managers, if needed, as well as the private investors. We provide objective consulting and highly value our customers, from the emotional and the financial perspective equally.