Renovation and addition of authentic wooden decorative elements for the interior of the car. We are able to undertake all definitive wooden elements of the car to the original condition precisely. 

Professionally speaking about the classic car restoration, the aim of every project defacto is maximal retaining of the original elements of the carpentry. The wooden elements of the car bring outstanding charm and superior high value impression to every vintage vehicle. However, in our experience, it is not always fully possible to keep all the original elements, specially when time, deterioration and rot act too severe. So some sections of the carpentry also can be replaced to bring your oldtimer project to success, according to the agreement with the owner. 

At Oldtimercentrum we use only high quality materials which will provide the best possible benefit and outstanding visual effect to your car. We use solely timber material of European origin, perfectly looking, fully suitable and approved for the restoration. 

We assume that the main goal of restoration project is to retain as much of original condition, as possible. We will thoroughly examine the condition of wooden parts of your car and bring the original shiny look back with the help of our craftsmanship skills, experience, the best wood ordered specially for your car and technically perfect lacquers.